5th Dimension Rainbow Bliss Portal Grinder 2 Styles

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Out Of This World, Cosmic Colorway Is Here!  Can You Visualize The Potential With The "5th Dimension Rainbow Bliss Portal Grinder"?
   Large 63mm grinder sporting the Rainbow Bliss cosmic colorway and the Porthole windows allowing a preview of things to come.  Hard not to see the gold this grinder brings to the holder with its stunningly amazing visual allure the grind just keeps getting better.  Add to your collection Now!  Thank yourself Later.  After all, you gotta enjoy the grind!
  • Package: Gift Box
  • Grinder 1 Piece, 4 chambers. 1 Scraper
  • Material: Metal Zinc Alloy
  • Diameter: 52x63mm (Plane); 54x63mm (Concave) 
  • Color: Rainbow Mix colors
  • Use: Grinder for toabcco, herbs, pollen, spices
  • Style: Portal Window
  • Net Weight: 228g (Plane); 216g (Concave)
  • 21+ use responsibly